About us

Studio23 is a not-for-profit learning and social centre developed by a group of students, parents and educators in the Maleny area who identified a lack of local educational and social opportunities for people with diverse abilities. 

What are ‘diverse abilities’?

Our use of the phrase 'diverse abilities' is a means of using inclusive language to make all who attend courses or events at Studio23 feel like an equal, regardless of their circumstances. Inclusive language seeks to avoid words and phrases that reflect negative stereotypes, patronise and incite prejudice or hateful attitudes.

Member-driven Courses

Studio23 Maleny provides people with a disability and disadvantaged community members the opportunity engage with their community and develop creative and practical skills. We currently offer courses in music, art, social enterprise and cooking. Please visit our courses page for further information.

At Studio23, we encourage our members to personalise their experience. This means you can use your time to engage in activities that suit you best, in a comfortable, supportive environment. Along the way, our highly-trained facilitators and aides are available to provide guidance and mentorship.

To find out more about how we run our courses please contact us or drop by any time to see what we’re up to.You can find us in The Deck Room at the Maleny Community Centre.