2019 Classes

The following is a list of classes that will be available at Studio23 in 2019. Groups are limited to six members per day. If you are interested in joining us, please contact us here.

MONDAY : Social Enterprise

With Linda and Craig

This group focuses on business skills and community engagement. The group will work towards running their own market stall. This involves research, marketing, pricing, packaging and producing a variety of products. These goods will then be available for purchase at the kiosk next to Studio23.


With Craig and Victoria

Music classes in the morning, followed by a variety of activities in the afternoon. Members can choose between continuing to practice music or play board games, work on crafts, literacy exercises and more.

WEDNESDAY : Cooking and Healthy Living

With Linda and Victoria

Morning cooking classes, focusing on basic kitchen skills, cooking healthy meals and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Afternoons will involve exercise and relaxation, followed by some literacy work.


With Craig

Art classes, working in a variety of mediums, from drawing and painting, to photography and computer-based design. Followed by personal preference activities in the afternoon.