On Inclusive Language ( or, what we mean when we say 'diverse abilities')

We thought we'd take some time to explain why we use certain terms to describe the students and clients that will be taking advantage of the facilities at Studio23.

Studio23 had been described as a learning and social hub for people with 'diverse abilities' and we have got a few questions of late as to what we mean by that phrase.

Essentially, it means everyone is welcome. But more than that, it means that while many of our students will have a disability, we do not wish to segregate them from other members of our learning community by pointing out this fact. 

While 'disability' is not a dirty word and will need to be used on occasion to negotiate individual needs and accessibility, the use of the phrase 'diverse abilities' is our means of using inclusive language to make all who attend courses or events at Studio23 feel like an equal, regardless of their circumstances. Inclusive language seeks to avoid words and phrases that reflect negative stereotypes, patronise and incite prejudice or hateful attitudes.

For further reading, The Australian Network on Disability has a good, clear rundown of some examples of inclusive language and it's importance. 

In other news: a big thank you to everyone who has contributed to our Start Some Good campaign so far. We have 14 days left and are still a long way from our goal so please keep up the good work.