Student Profile: Shaemus Wilkinson

Shaemus Studio23.jpg

What do you like doing in your spare time?

Swimming, tenpin bowling, going to the beach, being out and about in our community (visiting parks, Australia Zoo, Aussie World, SeaLifeSunshine Coast), spending time with my family.

What would you like to learn about at Studio23?

I would like to have days playing and listening to music and anything else that is a bit active, I’m not that great at sitting still for long periods of time! I like to be busy and active through the day.

What kind of activities and outings would you like to do at Studio23?

Visiting all different attractions, parks, the beach, going tenpin bowling, swimming, Eumundi markets, movies, and many more things!

Would you like to sometimes have a visiting band to have a disco/dance party in the evenings or weekends?