2019 Programs

The following is a list of programs that are available at Studio23 in 2019. If you are interested in joining us, please contact us here.

MONDAY : Social and Community Access

This program has our members getting out and about, engaging with the local community and socialising. A large portion of our Monday program is dedicated to working towards members running their own market stall. This involves making, marketing, pricing and packaging a variety of products, including potted plants, dog and cat toys, dog biscuits and gifts for children. These goods will then be available for purchase at the kiosk next to Studio23. Our first market stall will be held on April 15.


Music practice in the morning, followed by a variety of activities in the afternoon. Members can choose to continue with music-based activities or play games, work on craft, literacy exercises, or art.

WEDNESDAY : Cooking and Healthy Living

This program focuses on basic kitchen skills, cooking healthy meals and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Afternoon activities include exercise, relaxation and crafts.

THURSDAY : Social and Community Access

Our Thursday program starts with art in the morning, followed by socialising and community engagement. Members will go on a variety of outings, including morning walks around Maleny, stopping for lunch at a cafe, or taking the bus to a nearby town like Montville to see the sights. The group will then return to the centre for the afternoon to engage in their choice of activity, such as art, games and craft.

Every 4-5 weeks, a full-day outing will be organised. This could involve going to the movies, bowling, visiting the zoo and other activities requested by our members.