2019 Programs

Member-driven flexibility

As we are a member-driven centre, the program descriptions below are just an indication of the main activities our facilitators will have prepared for the day. If any of our members do not wish to participate in the main activity, our facilitators can arrange an alternative for that individual depending on their needs. This could include anything from arts and crafts to board games and relaxation exercises.

Safe spaces

At Studio23, we aim to provide safe spaces. Our facilitators familiarise themselves with the diverse needs of our members, in order to maximise positive experiences and minimise stress. We understand that many of our members require the time and space to relax, regulate, and avoid sensory overload.

Members are welcome to bring along their personal devices and headphones to use during this downtime. We have a comfortable chill out corner with cushions, books and sensory equipment and one of our facilitators will always be on hand to provide a change of environment, such as a quiet walk in the park, if needed.

MONDAY : Social and Community Access

with Linda and Craig

This program has our members getting out and about, engaging with the local community and socialising. A large portion of our Monday program is dedicated to working towards members running their own market stall. This involves making, marketing, pricing and packaging a variety of products, including potted plants, dog and cat toys, dog biscuits and gift cards. These goods will then be available for purchase at the kiosk next to Studio23.


with Craig and Victoria

Members of Tuesday Music each choose one of their favourite songs to sing/perform as a group. They also work on original compositions and learn about different musical genres. A variety of instruments are provided by the centre, including the keyboard, djembe drum, and guitar. Members are welcome to bring along their own musical instruments.

WEDNESDAY : Cooking and Healthy Living

with Linda and Victoria

This program focuses on basic kitchen skills, cooking healthy meals and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Each Wednesday, the group go through the process of making a meal. This involves deciding on a recipe, writing a shopping list, buying the ingredients at Maleny IGA and returning to the Studio to cook their food for lunch. Afterwards, the group take a walk around the Maleny township, connecting with the local community.

Currently, Studio23 are working together with the staff at Maleny IGA to learn about, and participate in, what happens behinds the scenes at the supermarket. We have some more exciting community collaborations coming up soon, so keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates.

THURSDAY : Art and Music

with Craig

On Thursdays, Craig will be on hand to facilitate art projects in a variety of mediums, depending on our member’s preference. This could include, drawing, painting, paper mache or photography.

In the afternoon, the group can engage in the same musical activities as our Tuesday group.


Every 4-5 weeks, a full-day outing will be organised. This could involve going to the movies, bowling, visiting the zoo and other activities as requested by our members.


If you are interested in becoming a member, or are a community group wishing to get involved, please contact us here.